The chemical properties of butyl xanthate

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    Butyl xanthate is the most commonly used collector for flotation sulfide minerals (galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite, etc.). The captivity of the xanthate with the number of hydrocarbyl carbon atoms in its molecule
And the solubility is reduced. For all heavy metal sulfide ore have a catch. For non-sulfide minerals (oxides, carbonates, sulfates, silicates, etc.)
Use advanced xanthate to get a good catch.
    The chemical composition of butyl xanthate is hydrocarbyl dithiocarbonates. The formula is ROCSSMe, wherein R is a CnH2n + 1 hydrocarbon group and Me is metal sodium or potassium.
    Butyl xanthate from alcohol, caustic soda, carbon disulfide three raw materials in a certain temperature (15 ~ 35 ℃ is appropriate) under the conditions of the role. According to the alcohol used in the preparation of xanthate
Different (ethanol, butanol, amyl alcohol, etc.), the prepared xanthate were ethyl xanthate, butyl xanthate, pentyl xanthate. The reaction is:
Is a solid yellow powder, with irritating odor, toxic; xanthate easy to absorb water deliquescence, unstable, heat, damp, case of acid and alkali decomposition should be stored in the yellow powder, Cool and dry; yellow medicine for the combustible, easy to burn, in the vicinity of the yam workshop and indoor fire tools and fire extinguishers (such as sand, water and foam fire extinguishers, etc.), in the event of a fire, so that first aid; Water, dissolved water dissociated into xanthate anions and light metal cations; xanthate anions in the aqueous solution of metal cations generated in the corresponding heavy metal xanthate precipitation, for which the capture force; xanthate ion hydrolysis and generate yellow Raw acid, xanthate is weak acid, unstable, easy to break down into the role of carbon dioxide and alcohol.