Y-98 xanthate

  • 产品名称: Y-98 xanthate
  • 产品分类: Beneficiation special
  • 公司名称: 招远市金道化工有限公司
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Traits: the use of special distillates made of high alcohol, the appearance of yellow to brown red pungent odor of powdery solid, soluble in water, alcohol.
Uses: The xanthate has a strong ability to capture, better than pentyl xanthate and Y-89 xanthate, can be used for various non-ferrous sulfide ore and oxidation ore flotation, especially for copper, lead, zinc, nickel , Gold, silver oxidized ore after sulfide flotation or direct flotation.
Specifications: Meet the following indicators

指标名称The name of the metric


Mineral processing active ingredients,% ≥


Packing: in bags or drums. Net weight 50kg, net weight 150kg per barrel, can also be used in accordance with user needs other packaging forms and specifications.
Storage: moisture, heat, fire.
Note: This product has a weak alkaline, irritating to the skin. Open the package, you should use rubber gloves, dust masks and goggles, pay attention to prevent inhalation of dust, if accidentally stick to the skin or eyes, should immediately wash with plenty of water, the circumstances are serious medical treatment.

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